Bayeux city of memory

Throughout its history, Bayeux is a place to visit but also to remember. The town is home to the largest British cemetery of the Second World War in France as well as the Reporters’ Memorial in honour of journalists who died in the exercise of their profession.

Reporters’ Memorial

Produced by the city and Reporters Without Borders, this unique venue reflects Bayeux’s commitment to press freedom. The Reporters’ Memorial offers a landscaped walk along white stelae bearing the names of more than 2,000 journalists who have been killed in the exercise of their profession worldwide since 1944. An interactive terminal, within the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum, describes the journey of these journalists.
It is as part of this initiative in favour of press freedom that the Bayeux Calvados-Normandy War Correspondents’ Award has been organised every year in October since 1994.

Liberty Alley, free entrance

British Military Cemetery

Located near the Battle of Normandy Memorial Museum, the British Military Cemetery contains the graves of 4,648 soldiers who fell in the fighting of the Second World War, including nearly 4,000 British. There are also the graves of soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland, Russia, France, the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. It is the largest British cemetery in France. Opposite it stands the Memorial to the 2,092 Commonwealth soldiers who fell in the Battle of Normandy and whose bodies could not be identified.

Boulevard Fabian Ware, free entrance