Bayeux, its Parks and Gardens

The town of Bayeux is committed to the quality of life, developing numerous open-air walks in the old Bayeux, on the banks of the Aure, in the botanical garden, in the heart of the Sensitive Natural Area or in the Salomé garden.

Discovering old Bayeux

A 2.5 km loop in the old Bayeux allows you to explore the medieval town and discover its history and secrets thanks to 23 explanatory terminals. A specific ground marking, made of bronze nails, allows you to find your way along the route.

A break in the botanical garden

Listed on the inventory of historical monuments, the Bayeux Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful 19th century landscaped parks in Normandy. Created in 1859, this 2.6-hectare public garden is the work of the Bühler brothers, creators of the Tête d’Or Park in Lyon and the Thabor in Rennes. The most spectacular element of this garden is a “weeping beech”, classified as a natural monument since 1932 and labelled “remarkable tree of France” since 2000. A discovery circuit, consisting of 17 information terminals, invites you to discover at your own pace the botanical riches of the garden as well as historical anecdotes about the city.

Botanical garden
55 route de Port-en-Bessin
14400 Bayeux
From April 1st to September 30th: from 9am to 8pm
From 1st to 31st October: from 9am to 7pm
From November 1st to February 28th: from 9am to 5pm
From 1st to 31st March: from 9am to 7pm
A stroll along the banks of the Aure River

Reserved for pedestrians and cyclists, this route invites you to walk, jog or simply relax by the river. Starting from the Espace Naturel Sensible and up to Vaux-sur-Aure, this walk extends over 4 km, crossing Bayeux from south to north. Views of the cathedral and the monuments of the town as well as the mills and wash houses ensure you an original discovery of the town and its heritage. This walk is lined with green spaces and also has rest areas and playgrounds for children. This project was awarded the national trophy for urban development in 2008.

A nature break in the Salomé garden

Inaugurated in May 2016, the garden of Salomé offers many corners of greenery and calm, perfect to recharge your batteries. Located in the heart of the historic city centre of Bayeux, along the banks of the Aure, this wooded setting is a gentle, peaceful parenthesis of nature. The garden is named after Salomé Girard, a young Bayeusaine victim of the attack in Marrakech in 2011.

Garden of Salome
Tanner’s Alley
14400 Bayeux
From 9am to 8pm in season
From 9am to 7pm out of season

A nature getaway at the Espace Naturel Sensible

The Aure Valley site, located behind the station, has been classified as a departmental Espace Naturel Sensible (ENS) for its wetlands and the diversity of its flora and fauna. Just a stone’s throw from the town centre, 13 hectares of ecological interest have been restored to be open to the public. Footbridges and pontoons have been put in place by the Calvados Department to enable you to make a loop on either side of the river. This nature trail allows you to get acquainted with nearly 206 plant species and some very rare animals such as the Mercury’s Agrion, a beautiful blue dragonfly.

Sensitive Natural Area
Boulevard Sadi Carnot
14400 Bayeux