Franck JAMART Artist Painter Draftsman


Franck JAMART, was born in Paris in 1970

Since his childhood, he practices drawing, music and sport. Fascinated by the history of art and the life of the great painters from the 15th to the 19th century, he studies fine arts and architecture at university. The meeting of his wife Claire Jacquemin (wife Jamart), granddaughter of the famous couple of painters, Andrée Jaclet and André Jacquemin, marks a decisive turning point in Franck Jamart’s artistic career. Influenced by the graphic work of these two artists, his technical sensitivity develops thanks to the artistic family environment. His works belong to various French and foreign collections.

Franck JAMART, a complete artist by Jean-Charles STASI, Writer and Journalist

Franck Jamart has gold in his fingers. Franck Jamart has gold in his fingers. Just listen to him play blues, rock or jazz on his guitar, or discover his drawings, watercolours and oil paintings. Behind the wise appearance and the laid-back gaze has long since burned the sacred fire of creation. A fire that never leaves him, judging by his prolific production and the eclecticism of his inspirations.

Under his pencil or his brush, the roofs of Paris, the dome of the Sacré-Coeur, the banks of the Seine, the setting suns embracing Bayeux Cathedral, or the boats moving in unison with the Norman sky in the port of Honfleur.

Blessed are the artists; they are never bored because even their periods of inactivity are fruitful, filled with desire and reminiscence. Franck Jamart is certainly one of them.

By diving into his works, we embark with him on a journey through time and space, a journey full of rich emotions, so we can only wish him good luck, and that he does not lower the sails of his talent any time soon.


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